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The real school of management is general culture - Charles De Gaulle

The missing link
Executive Education...



An on-line video magazine for corporate leaders
The keys to understand your reality and start having an impact on it

Learn what you need - Only what you need
in 90 minutes


A much larger population in corporations need to have access to the qualitative knowledge one can find in top leaders learning journeys.

Today, in a world of uncertainty and complexity, corporations need to refocus on one thing: reality.  How to capture reality, understand it and build from it, not from consultants 'magic recipes'. This shouldn't be anymore an exercise for the 'happy few'.

Thus, sharing a common understanding and diagnostic of situations, companies will find some levers of action on their reality.  These levers being unique, adapted to each context.

How to achieve that?


We are Executive Education experienced players and we have designed the BOOC.  A BOOC is an hybrid learning tool, in between a Book and a MOOC, designed as an on-line magazine.  It can be used online on your Mobile, Tablet or PC.  It features key knowledge (what you need to know, and only that) in order to enable anyone to understand his reality and thus act efficiently on it.  We do not push for ready made solutions, magic recipes nor generic methods.  We help you to capture the essence of your problem.


We intend to tackle a various set of topics: Managing in complexity, Transformation, Diversity, Post-Digital, ...  You can use this BOOC at your own speed, in your own way.  After 90' you should have acquired the basics for individual and collective action in your particular context...


* here is the cast

There is nothing like a root cause in a complex system - Darrell Mann


World Learning Control
​Executives Standardisation Project
Central Unit # 1024 Shanghai
​© 2045

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Sept 2045 - A heavily documented article from the Shanghai Business Review (SBR) recently reminded us that our ancestors, in the XXth century, were using, as their main learning terminal, a device made of dead trees (1) that didn’t need any form of electrical power. They were calling it a ‘book’…  

At that time of primitive technology and pedagogy, learning processes were left to the self-decision of the learners (according to SBR), without any form of supervision nor control. These ‘books’ were split into ‘chapters’ that learners could access freely, without any pre-established learning sequence nor on-line intermediary exams… Lessons were illustrated with non-animated simple graphics (often in black & white)… Content could be accessed from any location, at any time, in any circumstances, allowing trainees to learn outside of their allocated time slots…


Yet, content was not adapted by learning packagers & aggregators: It was ‘raw’, un-processed, and thus, was putting the learners in a painful situation of intense reflexion (2)… More importantly, because these ‘books’ were not connected to any network, learners couldn’t be monitored by the authority… It was a kind of learning anarchy in action! 

Today, we are proud to give you a feel of these troubled times of uncontrolled learning via this BOOC - a modern version of the ‘book’.
Uncontrolled and self managed. Consume with(out) moderation!      


(1)    It was called 'paper': The material they used, extracted from dead trees, to manufacture 'books'.
(2)    Reflection: Neurologic processes leading unnecessary large amounts of energy to be transformed into personal thoughts.