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Contributors are chosen in a network of business people, soft sciences researchers and Exec-Ed educators who have convictions, experience, non-othodoxical perspectives and relevant learning stimuli to share. 



60∽90 Minutes of short videos (Max 5 minutes).  These videos are focused on a particular theme and straight to the point.  No Blabla!  


Then, if you wish to find more, some additional content is proposed optionally.


No paranoia.  Big brother is not watching you.  No pre-defined journey, no assessment, no "gates to the next chapter", no childish quizzes...  200 years of experience (the sum of the contributors experience) that you can browse.  Freely


Human centric stuff.  Because business is - still - made of/by humans. Simple but not simplistic content, that reflects the complexity of human interactions and the way forward to collaborative efficiency

Do not try to free me.  I'll do it by myself - May 68 Slogan