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 You cannot open a BOOC (;-) without learning something - Confucius

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béatrice rousset

Béatrice Rousset is Group Learning Partner, Learning and Development at AXA GIE Group, focusing on transformation programs. She is also a certified coach, and keynote speaker.

Philippe Silberzahn is a professor of management at EMLyon business school, a researcher at ecole Polytechnique, an author specialised in innovation and entrepreneurship, and an Entrepreneur...

Christophe Gillet is a Professor and Fellow at CEDEP, the European Centre for Executive Development. He is an innovation activist, a transformation agent and a pain killer, working with senior executives in large organisations.

François Dupuy is a sociologist of organisations  researcher and author.  He works with large organisations, at board levels, on change and transformation. He is the author of the best selling book "Lost in Management".